Monday, July 15, 2013

Bird is the word

So I was in the thrift store last week looking for Melmac and other various mid century things and I came across one of these vintage wall art birds.  I'm looking at this thing deciding how cool it is and this lady comes up and says "here's another one that goes with it."  So then there were two..

I walked out of the store without the birds and I thought, If I don't buy these birds, I'm always going to regret it.  So I looked in my wallet and found the ten bucks I needed and went back in and bought them.

I have to wonder a little about the old bird who used to own these birds..  The wing is coming loose on one of them but it just needs a machine screw nut. They say Style House, Japan on the back of them.  They're gonna ad style to my house!  I'll add them to the Gochenour collection. 

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Jules said...

As I was looking through my 2010 photos of the first time I was at the lake with you, I saw the metal fish by the fireplace in the bottom cabin, that you mentioned. I understand why you said it was the same sort of thing. And those fish look great there. So I'm sure the birds will be an awesome addition to the upper cabin!