Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Mid Century Desk Lamp

My mom downsized and I just had to have this mid century desk lamp that is in the shape of a flower.  There's something really corny about it, maybe the green leaf, but at the same time there something really cool about it.  It's not trying to convince you it's a real plant or even a good representation of a real plant.  There's a certian honesty to it in that respect.  And if you put this lamp in your home, it wasn't like you were trying to impress everyone.  It was just fun and it's still just fun.

I can imagine sitting around back in the early 1960s watching the Judy Garland show on a black and white TV with this lamp on the end table.  And of course you'd want an ashtray right next to it in case someone wanted to smoke..  Where's my ashtray?

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Jules said...

Omigosh.. some things certainly have changed! I wouldn't ever put an ashtray on my side table just in case someone wanted to smoke. I'd send them outside with an empty pop can. LOL The lamp is interesting and kind of cute, but yes, a little bit corny. I forgot to look and see if I could find my X-mas light bulbs for it. One of the things I appreciate about you is your ability to see things in a different way than most.