Friday, April 25, 2014

Flathead Lake Picture taken without permission again

Well it's happened again..  Someone else decided to post my Flathead Lake photo without my permission.

I retain the rights to all of my photos.  Please do not take them and use them without PRIOR PERMISSION.  Grrr... There I put a great big copy right stamp on it...

Original post is here: Flathead Lake Picture


Jules said...

People are so crappy. You should add to your post here, the link to the blogger/person who stole it...

Quiet Paths said...

That is so loserly. I'm sorry that happens but please don't stop posting them.

don said...

I'm working toward getting my images more protected as it's happening too often.

But yes, I tend to not want to post my best pics these days because it seems people feel free to just take them and use them without permission compensation or citation.

Carolanne Wright said...

Hi there.

I love your photo of Flathead lake on the following post:

Would it be possible to use it for a Facebook page ( if I included full attribution/link?

don said...

Hi Carolanne,

Thank you for the interest in my photo and the kind words. I'm in the process of working out a licensing agreement for my photography and as a result I'm not allowing free use of my photos.

Thank you for asking first! And best wishes.

TomW said...

A similar theft happened to me a while back.

I had built a web site to document the restoration of my vintage Airstream, and included an email address in case someone wanted followup on anything. One week I started getting a bunch of queries asking how much I wanted for my American classic.

Come to find out, some goober was trying to sell his '67 Overlander, and had advertised my trailer's web site as his!

I decided to take it as a compliment that documentation of my work was a good way to sell something even if I did not get a cut.


don said...

Oh man! what a low down skunk.. That's just wrong.

There's a lot of good people out there. But there's also a lot of people that make you wonder.