Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And your bird can sing

There's this robin up at the cabin that starts to sing at about 4:30 AM and doesn't stop until dusk. He sings the same song, over and over and over.... I think he's looking for love. At first he was annoying but now he's grown on us.

He's kind of a gifted bird in the tweet department and I think he knows it. His voice stands out over all of the other birds, and he works harder at it than all of the other birds do. So we named him Caruso, after Enrico Caruso. It seemed a fitting name. There's no sleeping in late with the windows open if Caruso's around. (He's always around...) The problem is that he only knows one song,.. Or could it be that we just don't understand his bird language?

Perhaps he sings;

When your bird is broken, will it bring you down? You may be awoken,.. I'll be around,.. I'll be around.
You tell me that you've heard every song there is, and your bird can swing, but you can't hear me,.. you can't hear,.. me.

I hope Caruso finds a chick... Soon...

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