Thursday, July 24, 2008

LDS Missionaries

LDS missionaries came calling tonight on their bikes. Elder Scott, the guy on the left in the photo asked me if there was anything they could do for me. They always ask this and I'm always really tempted to put them to work, but I told them that they had enough to think about. I wished them well on their mission and off they went to my neighbor's house. Then I got to thinking about it... I've always wanted to get a picture of missionaries with their bikes. This is after all bicycle log... So I ran outside and caught them. "Hey guys, threre is one thing you can do for me,.. You can let me take your picture." (Shutter bug that I am.) Hey, if they are going to offer to do something for me right?.. I'm a photographer/ artist/ cyclist. So they walked out and stood there. "I want the bikes in the shot." I said. They got their bikes. (that's my yard in the background which I just got done mowing.)

I admire the time these guys spend on thier bikes, and I pride myself in being able to cross divides and communicate with people, be it religious divides, cultural or otherwise. You'd think I could connect with LDS missionaries guys on a bicycle level. I've tried and tried to get the conversation away from the mission and get it to bikes and cycling. Find a common bond if you will. After all, I have an almost religious connection to my bike, and if they ever want to win me over then they are going to have to indulge me in this respect.

Anyway I thanked them for being good sports and posing for my camera. I really do wish them well on their journey.


Diane said...

Elder Scott doesn't look too thrilled.

I admire your attempt to try and help them connect with you on a personal level, on something the three of you appreciate (although being 19-21 either of them appreciate the biking opportunity either of them has). I also admire that you have been kind to them.

Male missionaries don't talk to single girls who live alone. :) We're of the devil, apparently, tempting them away from the fold with our wiles and unsaintly ways.

don said...

Diane your photo reading skills are pretty good. I'm impressed.

I've found that there are leaders and followers with these guys. Elder Scott was the leader. He was all serious and uptight. The follower, (the guy on the right who had a very unusual name that I can't remember) was cool and I know that we could have bonded and become friends. I think he should have been the leader.

These "Elders" were actually my junior, and that's kind of an understatement. It's kind of hard for me to take them too seriously if they the can't loosen up to talk to me about cycling.

One thing George once told me. "Don,.." he said, "I'm a man, you're a man, and Curt's a man... But we are all different,.."

I'm not sure Elder Scott saw me as a man. No doubt he saw me as different. I can't speak to the single girl issue,. you devil you :)

Diane said...

Elder Scott is probably one of those who wants to move up the ranks in his church. His companion is possibly newer to the mission field. I get the feeling they probably don't get along as well as they could.

I don't think most missionaries have much of an idea of what a man is supposed to be. They are encouraged to go on a mission and when they get done with it they are a "man" and should get married and start a family. Some of them are smarter about it but that's the mold they get pushed into.

There was a hapa returned missionary who went to SUU when I was going to Tech. I knew him through a Taiwanese girl who was going to SUU who had a crush on him. He ended up getting married to a (different) girl I went to high school with - on their family blog she complains a lot about them not having any money and how he's constantly out of work (he is now an aspiring model/actor).

It's not *my* fault missionaries are told not to talk to girls alone! I'm completely innocent, I swear! ;)