Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sailing the Hobie with Lizzie

The Native Americans are having a pow wow tonight at the end of the bay. I love it when they do that. The lake is still and the moon is out reflecting off of the water. I can hear the boom boom boom of the drum in the distance. It's really a cool sound but haunting at the same time to an outsider. I imagine that the settlers felt a little unsettled in the old west when they heard the sound of that drum. It's really a sound from the past.

It was a beautiful day to sail the Hobie Cat. Here's a picture of me taking Lizzie out for a sail. We had the whole bay pretty much to ourselves. (photo credit, my mom) The wind eventually filled in and it got pretty exciting. There was another Hobie 16 that came out to play so we matched eachother's speed for a while.


Diane said...

Looks like a beautiful day!

What pretty sails!

don said...

It was a beautiful day. My sails are still working but they are pretty worn out. Whoever owned the boat before me left them outside all of the time.