Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Forest sunrise

I took this picture yesterday morning while hiking to where I wanted to hunt before it got light. Actually this guy drove past me and then turned right into where I was headed and parked, keeping me from going down the road I wanted to hunt and claiming it for himself. I had walked a long ways to get there. He just edged me out of it. Pretty uncool of him I thought.

I've been in the mountains for a few days hunting. No luck... And if hunting is a skill, then no luck using my skills,... :) I'm happy not getting anything anyway. I hate killing animals, even fish.

There are a lot of ethical issues surrounding hunting these days. The whole gun thing, and all of the other rules, you can't do this you can't do that. There are those who would say nobody should be allowed to even own a gun. Then there are those who hunt who say this is ethical and that isn't. You can't shoot this way and you can't shoot that way. I've even been criticized by other hunters for having more than one box of shells. I've heard and seen it all when it comes to hunting ethics I think.


Diane said...

Pretty photo! It looks more like a sunset to me though! I guess that's what I get for being so lazy in the mornings!

The whole dead-animal-cleaning process isn't fun, either. I think that's probably why I don't roast chickens more often. I guess I'm one of those who is far-removed from the necessary processes of killing animals for food. Yet I wouldn't be able to use tofu for my soul source of protein. I guess that makes me a hypocrite!

I think people should have the right to own guns. Owning shells doesn't do anything until you load them in a weapon and point it at something.

don said...

I used to be a night person and still am to some degree. But morning is really the best time of day. Everything is new and young again. It's a fresh start. Unless of course you stayed up too late and drank too much. :)

Cleaning out animals doesn't bother me much anymore. But I've never gotten used to killing them.

Can you imagine having a job at a slaughter house and killing animals all day long? That would be really tough to handle.

Animals value their lives, just like people do.

I think this is the good thing about hunting. You really have to confront the reality of what is going on when you take the life of something you are going to eat.

Jules said...

Beautiful picture!!!

don said...

Thanks Jules, It was a beautiful morning in the forest.