Monday, November 03, 2008

Bitter waring tribes

David Brooks was on the Charlie Rose show last night and said this; The conservative movment has been broken up into bitter waring tribes. Something like that. He reflected on the 1980s when the conservative movement was "flowering" and then pointed to a few events that served to divide the republican party and conservative movement. Taking on government, contract with america, and the religious right. But in a way his complaint was about the dumbing down of the right. The conservative movement of Buckley and the thoughtful debate of Firing Line, which I used to watch and enjoy, had somehow morphed into the the mocking rant of right wing radio to work the "joe six-pack" crowd into a thoughtless frenzy in a period of about twenty years.

I remember Rush Limbaugh once saying, Don't read the news, I'll read it and explain it for you. How small minded. It really is time for a change.

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