Saturday, November 08, 2008

Red state reactions

I usually listen to radio in the mornings on my vintage Zenith Trans-Oceanic. (no home should be without one) I like to listen to KOFI out of Montana as I get local Montana news when I'm not in Montana. Before the election, and before I got the e-mail from Park City, there was a story about a farmer in a small Montana town who parked a trailer full of manure in front of an Obama campaign office with a sign on it that read "Change we need, what a load of crap." Good Grief! I thought... So that probably had an influence on how I took the e-mail header.

Gosh I hope I didn't get someone in trouble down there for something as harmless as that e-mail header. Some poor person just trying to do a good job. I really wasn't offended.

And BTW, I really like Park City, it's a great place to ski. It really is beautiful there, and the nice thing is that you really don't need a car to get around there due to a really cool bus system that was free when I was there. Just fly into Salt Lake, and take a van (you have to pay for the van) to Park City. It's really slick. And they are 30% friendly to democrats,...( I'm just kidding! )

And on the subject of Obama getting elected and reaction in red states like Montana,.. I heard a story out of Montana this morning on how there has been a run on the gun stores for fear that Obama will take away guns. He's said he won't do that but he could appoint a judge who might be against 2nd Amendment rights. I guess you could look at it this way, gun sales are up and that's good for the economy...

And on the subject of guns and hunting, A friend of mine came to stay this weekend and hunt in the mountains behind my place. I was going to go but it's really socked in and raining and I'm sort of getting over a stuffed up head. Don't really want to get my rifle wet. So I'm going to put some chili on in the slow cooker and perhaps drive my truck back there this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I honestly don't think anyone needs to worry about Obama taking their guns away. Even those of us who are strongly in favor of gun control have little desire to wrangle over hunting rifles. Obama is certainly not going to waste his political capital on that.

Some people seem to think we're going to wake up tomorrow and find ourselves in a communist country now that Obama's been elected. First of all, Obama's not a communist. Second of all, the executive doesn't have THAT much power, though Bush and Cheney have done their best to expand it as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

I also think "change we can believe in" (Obama) and "that's not the kind of change we can believe in, my friends" (McCain) and variations on the above have sort of become joking catchphrases, from people of all political stripes. Today when I went to the store Kostia asked me to pick up a particular type of sausage, and when he opened what I brought home, he said "Hmm... I don't think this is the kind of sausage we can believe in, Megan."

don said...

:) That's funny about the sausage!

If you and Kostia were here I'd treat you to a bowl of my chili.

I think the NRA crowd is more afraid of who Obama might put on the supreme court and how that might impact 2nd amend.

When I first read the e-mail, the day after the election If I remember, I read it, the change we need is snow not Obama. But I guess it could be read, we are tired of politics and the change we need is snow. But you have to remember that this is Salt Lake. I thought it was a little smug.

And on the subject of Utah,.. I read your post on the job application. I was watching BYU TV yesterday and they had a talk program about getting a job. They had two LDS job service people and one state job service person. The church has it's own job service there for members. One of the LDS people said (in a nutshell) that it really mattered who you knew and they looked to hire friends first. Perhaps it's the same in Sweden? Must be a cultural thing as that isn't our policy.

Anonymous said...

Yes, definitely, personal connections are paramount when job hunting in Sweden. I knew that already, and hey, I had the personal connection through my professor, but I was weirded out by the fact that all these people knew I had applied for the job. I mean, maybe it was like, "oh, doesn't your husband work at this place on this applicant's CV? Ask him what she's like" but still. Another problem in Sweden is that people are so conflict-averse that they don't even want to interview anyone who they aren't already sure is perfect for the position - they don't want to have to tell someone no. This makes it very hard to break into the job market.

don said...

Stepford wives.

Diane said...

How did the chili turn out?

I don't think Obama is going to take away our guns. Even if he appoints a judge who is against the 2nd Amendment he or she still needs to be fair about it (or he/she is not a good judge) and it will be a long time, if ever, before gun ownership is not part of the United States' psyche.

Hope you're feeling better!

don said...

The chili turned out ok, it's all gone so at least we could choke it down.

As far as gun rights go in the courts I think it depends on a legal tactic when a case is brought.

I'm feeling better, thanks!