Friday, October 31, 2008

Three million to study bears in Montana

I wish John McCain would stop using the three million dollars to study grizzly bears in Montana as an example of wasteful pork spending. He did it again Thursday. It makes me glad I didn't vote for him. McCain didn't bother to come to Montana this whole campaign. Obama on the other hand went there 5 or 6 times.

Now I realize that the republicans have no interest in science, but you'd think they'd have some interest in creation, and you'd think they'd understand that a lot of money is generated when people come to Montana with the hope of seeing a bear or a bighorn or perhaps just to fish for trout. There was a piece on the News Hour tonight featuring trout fishing in Montana and global warming.

Well it just so happens that trout fishing in Montana is a three hundred million dollar a year industry according to the piece on the News Hour. Trout die if the water gets above 78 degrees. There has been a 5-7 degree rise in river water temps in Montana since the 1950s. We wouldn't know these things if we didn't study them...

A couple of years ago we had a German couple who were touring the west stay with us at our cabin. One of the things they wanted to do in Montana was they wanted to see a bear. So I asked them through an interpretur,. "Don't you have bears in Germany?" No.. "What about that city?" I asked,.. "Don't you have a city named after a bear?". I guess they killed all of their bears a long time ago.

Well The Grizzlies are pretty popular in Montana. As a University of Montana alum and former Griz I take issue with John McCain. Most likely his wife has a wardrobe that cost millions. I noticed some pretty serious bling too. Palin has only been in the picture for a couple of months and the tab was $150k for her wardrobe. Now that's wasteful spending... John....

Do me a favor. After you loose the election, don't move to Montana. Go to Wyoming and hang with Cheney. Just don't go hunting with him.


Courtney said...

I too voted for Obama. Each day I learn more that makes me glad I didn't vote for McCain.

don said...

The main reason I voted for Obama is that I think he must have respect for and a good understanding of the constitution as he taught constitutional law. This whole domestic surveillance thing really got my goat.

I think a president should have respect for and an understanding of the law. You can't become president of Harvard law review and not have a pretty good undestanding and be pretty darn bright. He's probably the best qualified person to run for president in a long time.