Tuesday, October 07, 2008

McCain Obama debate

I just got done watching the 2nd presidential debate. I don't know why McCain likes the "town hall" format so much,.. it forces him to stand up and walk around. He looks like he's about ready for a walker, and I really don't like being called "friend" I have a problem with that. McCain said "my friends" over and over. He hasn't earned my friendship at all. It's been my experience that when someone calls me friend, they really aren't my friend.

Browkaw sucked. All of the rest of the moderators have wanted to get the candidates to engage with eachother and Brokaw kept keeping them from doing so and insisted on sticking to the rules. So thumbs down to Brokaw. He's no Tim Russert. Bob Shieffer will moderate the next debate and that's good. Saving the best for last.

In the first part of the debate and throughout the debate actually, I thought Obama's answers had much more substance than McCain. McCain threw out taking points lacking substance and then faulted Obama, and kept bringing up his past record. I'm not sure anyone cares so much about the past right now.

McCain started to make a little sense to me when he talked about Russia and Ukraine, but on the subject of Pakistan and Iran I thought Obama showed more reason. I think leaving global conflicts up to military generals is an archaine armchair approach to dealing with these problems. McCain kept bringing up General Petraeus. I'd rather have Petraeus debate Obama at this point. We might learn more.

In the end and on almost every point, I thought Obama showed more substance than McCain.

McCain lost, Browkaw lost, Obama won.


megancase said...

I can't wait to see what Saturday Night Live does with Brokaw's moderation. It was really dumb of him to keep lecturing them for going over time. It's a presidential debate, of course they're talking overtime!

Of course I agree that Obama gave mostly better answers, but I felt he could have presented/carried himself a lot better. He seemed to start every answer to the audience members' questions with "Look..." as if he were lecturing them.

I think that space they were debating in was just terrible. Whose idea were the flag colors? My poor eyes at 3am couldn't look at that red rug for more than a few seconds at a time. I felt claustrophobic just watching them in there. I think that's why all their attempts at jokes fell completely flat.

I think I'll copy this comment and make it my blog post about the debate. :-)

don said...

I agree, I don't like it when someone starts by saying "Look" or "Look it" Joe Leiberman does that all of the time.

I agree about the space. That desk that Brokaw was sitting behind was really bad.