Sunday, October 05, 2008

A river runs through it

Ok so here is a picture of don, aka me. You won't see many pictures of don on bicycle log... (I always say that) but it's true... I looked just like Brad Pitt!... Well sort of a young Brad Pitt anyway... :) you can click to see me bigger.

Well at least I grew up in the church that the movie A River Runs Through It was based on. I watched that movie again yesterday on TV... Part of it anyway. The part where Brad Pitt was catching a great big trout while fly fishing on the Blackfoot river. They filmed most of the river scenes on the Gallatin River actually, and the church they used in the movie was also somewhere down there too. Here's a picture of the real church.

When the movie came out the congregation was somewhat offended by profanity used in the film. People who went to this church back then and even now didn't/ don't talk like that,.. well not back then anyway. As you might know bicycle log is a profanity free zone. Not so much because I went to this church although that probably has something to do with it,.. It's more for the little kids and something Veronica once wrote when Marta was first born.


Diane said...

That's a very nice church. . . .

I think A River Runs Through It is one of those films that you can take a different meaning from every time you re-watch it.

I read the short story the film was based on. . . one of these days I'll get around to reading "Legends of the Fall", which inspired one of my favorite movies.

You looked like you had fun summer vacations! :)

don said...

It has a great pipe organ in it.

I think that picture is from somewhere in western Canada. My dad took me fishing.