Thursday, October 02, 2008

Palin and the VP Debate

Ok so here are my thoughts on VP debate. I guess I owe it to anyone who has been reading.

First of all, I must tell you that my first pick for president at the begining of this campaign was Joe Biden. I've watched a lot of Meet the Press and Face the Nation and this guy in my opinion is qualified to be president. So I have a bias in this respect.

Sadly what is sold to the public is a popularity contest.

I think what defined this debate was the fact that Palin didn't totally F up. Debate boot camp did well by her. My impression is that she looked great on camera. I have been faulted by some perhaps "feminists" when I blogged about what a female politician would wear, and I cited Yulia Tymoshenko as an example of a great looking female politician. My criticizm wasn't about women as politicians, it was about the so called dress suit, which I hate. To Sarah Palin's credit she looked fantastic!

Ok so that sounds sexist. But I'm not kidding she's very photogenic, and has great legs. I don't think there's any question about it, but I disagree with her politics. With regard to this more drilling for oil, I don't think there's any assurance that the oil from more drilling in Alaska would be only for consumption in the United States. It's a free market and the oil companies are free to sell the oil on the open market to those who would pay the most. So this whole "drill baby drill" thing doesn't make much sense in the context that Palin argues. Like this drilling is going to solve our oil cost problems... What the heck? Alaskans get a kickback and the oil gets sold on the free market.

A lot of the debate had to do with Afganistan, Iran, and the war in Iraq. I have a problem with starting a war and then relying on generals to know what's best. I don't think might makes right. If this is true then I think we should elect a military general for president and nothing less. If General Petraeus knows what's best for the country, then why don't we just have him as president?

As far as looks go, Biden needs to go and see someone about his hair. Having said that, I totally agree with him on the issues and think he would make a far better VP than Palin and would make a great president.

I guess I should add that I thought Biden won the debate.


Anonymous said...

I pretty much share your sentiments. Joe Biden needs to do something about his eyebrows and can't they do something about his makeup to make him look a little less old and sleepy? :-) I don't agree with Sarah Palin about anything, but she held her own and she WAS impeccably dressed. Biden did a great job of not patronizing her for her obvious gaps in knowledge and just responded with facts, facts, facts.

Diane said...

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I didn't watch the debate, but I heard she didn't even answer any of the questions she was asked, instead just answering whatever question she wanted to answer. . . .

I guess the impression was that she is "in control" of the debate. To me it just shows she *still* doesn't know what she's talking about. She's a dangerous woman. . . .

don said...

Megan, I think Biden should trim the back of his hair close to his neck. As with the McCain Obama debate, I thought the side shots didn't favor Obama or Biden. I thought Biden supported his points better and was willing to engage. I think that's a skill that would be helpful in negotiations, and getting people to work together.

Diane, Yes if I remember, Palin didn't answer the question of what positions they might have to compromise on were they to be elected. I thought it was a fair question. And she didn't answer Biden's question of her on taxes.

They let Palin say only what they wanted people to hear. The format of last night's debate was such that they didn't want her to have to respond directly to Biden. (or I guess to think for herself and give any unscripted answers)

Now they really need to put her away and only take her back out if they win.