Monday, April 27, 2009

Crush you like the wolf

Another anti-Canadian Wolf bumper sticker. I took this picture as people were driving their Super Duties to work the other day. As you can see by the small car behind the Ford F350, small cars aren't safe. It's been all over the news. People in Super Duties just can't see you back there and if they hit you they will crush you like the Canadian wolf lover that you are.

I'm almost eye level with the bumper of this Silverado. Is it my little car that isn't safe or the big truck? In the news they singled out the Toyota Yaris, Smart Car, and one other small car. They ran a Mercedes into a Smart Car and concluded that the Smart Car wasn't safe. That's sort of like having an elk hunter shoot a wolf and concluding that the wolf wasn't safe.

Well maybe not,.. but I've been thinking that the elk aren't exactly safe either.


Diane said...

The Super Duty people probably shoot the elk too! :)

I've been pretty happy with my Yaris, although Consumer Reports likes the Honda Fit better. But if you compare the reports they're pretty subjective. When I bought my car side airbags weren't standard and for whatever reason they didn't fit them as an option in my region at the time. I'm not sure if they come standard now. I think side airbags come standard on the Fit.

At night people driving big pickups and SUVs can easily blind people driving small cars with their headlights. Sometimes they even drive with them on bright. You know, for safety. Apparently they can't see the road when they're that high up and protected.

don said...

I think it was the Honda Fit that was the third car in the test. There's nothing wrong with the Yaris, Fit or Smart for that matter. Cars like that are what people should be using do drive to work on a daily basis.

Around here lots of people drive great big trucks to work and everywhere all the time. That just doesn't make sense and doesn't help out with the energy situation. Until recently if you went to a car lot you only saw new SUVs and trucks, no cars.

The car companies are guilty of the same thing the housing market is. There's more profit selling a great big car with all kinds of options than there is a small modest car. That's why we ended up with everyone driving to work in trucks big enough to haul freight, and two people living in a 10k sq ft house that needs to be heated and cooled.

I have no sympathy for the car companies. They dug their own grave, but It's sad that Pontiac was the first brand to go. For the most part it only made cars.

Diane said...

I didn't know Pontiac was the first one to go. I thought news just broke on Chrysler's bankruptcy.

I really love my Yaris. I think the paint application leaves a lot to be desired, but the car is great and big enough for 95% of my needs.

don said...

Yes, Pontiac is a dead soldier in the GM group for now. Hummer and Saab will be next. It's sad because I thought the new Pontiacs were the best looking GM cars. Pontiac represented 10% of GM sales from what I understand. I suspect we will see the Pontiac badge again in a couple of models if GM survives.

Anonymous said...

People should really educate themselves on what wolves are actually doing for our wildlife. Instead of acting like ignorant, intimidated humans. It disgust me among many others how humans are becoming more and more incapable of realizing that we cause more destruction, mayhem, suffering, and the spread of total stupidity then anything else. Laziness and disgust is what I think of most people. Animals are a different story; only they truly live.

P.S fuck these bumper stickers.


don said...

Welcome to my blog! Yes the whole wolf issue is a hotbutton topic here in the northwest since the re-introduction of packs of wolves into the backcountry.