Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Name my rabbit

I've been aware that I had a rabbit in my back since yard last summer. My cat Spunky died in the spring of last year. She never would have tolerated a rabbit in her yard. But now I seem to have one. It ate my tomato and pepper plants that I planted in the yard last summer. This year I'm going to have plants on my deck. I think they will be safe from the rabbit. At some point I'd like to have a garden and then the rabbit would be a problem but for now I'm ok with it.

It's kind of a low maintenance pet. Lives outside. Lives through the winter, (and it was a harsh winter) Don't have to take it to the vet. Not bad.

Just need a name for it. So if you have any ideas besides Peter and Roger, I might consider it. I was thinking Russell, but 'm open to anything, and it doesn't have to be an american name either.


Diane said...

I like Peter! What about Thumper? Or Jessica or Bugs?

Russell is a good name.

He's kind of cute. But we'll have to cure him of eating your plants. That's no good!

don said...

Peter is out. Earl is ok though. Kenny is good too.

I like Jessica. That sort of invites bunnies however.

I was thinking Two Ears might be a good name. Sort of a Dances With Wolves name... I'd be known as Dances With Rabbit.

My Life as a House said...

How 'bout "Coyote Breakfast"

Vixey said...

Maybe this is "Spunky" reincarnated. Wouldn't that be ironic.

So my suggestions are, you could call him Spunky (just in case) or Percy because of his perseverance.

don said...

Coyote Breakfast is good. Could be shortened to just Coyote. Flashy western name. Give him a little guitar and he'd sing to the moon.

Vixey, you are reading my mind! I was actually thinking about calling him Spunky. But then I call all small animals Spunky. That's right up there with Russell.

Diane said...

Oooh! I like Percy!

Two Ears is cute. . . did you know someone did a study and found out parrots dance? Maybe rabbits dance too. . .

don said...

We had a parakeet when I was growing up. It looked like it could dance. It always sang when there was music too. It was a smart bird.

I'm not sure how smart my rabbit is.

The Wordpecker said...

Naming pets and kids is brutal. How do you pick the right name?

I found this in Wikipedia

In Native American Ojibwe mythology, Nanabozho, or Great Rabbit, is an important deity related to the creation of the world.

You could shorten it to Nana or Bozho. Depends I you see yourself calling this pet out loud in the neighbourhood? If so, you should maybe consider something else at risk of having grandmas and clowns showing up at your door.

don said...

The thing is, it's not that great of a rabbit..

My expectations might be too high though. It's probaby a perfectly good rabbit and I'm not seeing its full potential or it hasn't reached its full potential yet.

I'm not sure I could call it Bozo. :)

Nana might work. I'll give that some thought.

Jules said...

Is it too late to vote for a name? I think you should call the rabbit something totally lame and inapropriate like "Tiger" or "Humper".

Come on... you know he would like his ego stroked too!!!

don said...

It isn't too late. Tiger is ok but, Humper?.. Well I kind of like that actually, although my rabbit isn't very active.

Jules, honestly... I'm starting to wonder about you.