Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter service

I went to Easter church service today. The church was packed. We sat in the very last row in the balcony. The very very last seats. Any place else they would have been the worst seats, but in my opinion, at church the seats in the very back are the best ones. I hate sitting way up front. The pastor can look right at you and see your face. If I sit up front I feel like I have to have an expression neutral face. If the pastor says something I think is stupid I can't let my face say "Oh geez!" If you sit way in the back you don't have to worry about it, and of course there's the whole issue about faking when you sing. It's much harder to fake when you sing if you sit up front.

I think they ought to make new people at church sit in the back and work their way forward. Earn their wings.. New people don't want to sit right up front anyway.

So I'm sitting there way in the back way up in the balcony enjoying the view,.. The pastor is going getting into his sermon. People were bringing out chairs and sitting on them here and there as it was so croweded.

This one older guy who kind of looked like a mortician in his dark suit sat in a chair just around a corner from my view. After he sat down, all I could see was his right leg. Dark pant and dark sock and dark dress shoe. He had RLS, restless leg syndrome. The moment he sat down his foot and leg went into motion. It was really wierd. I imagined that shoe must spend most of its time in his closet lifleless. On him it was a dancing shoe. All I could see was this skinny leg with this dancing shoe on it. At first it reminded me of an insect leg moving with no logic to it. Pure reflex. But then I started to recognize patterns. It would go heel toe, heel toe. heel heel heel toe. Like that. Then he did this sideways heel toe heel toe, to the left, then heel toe heel toe to the right. A serpentine dancing shoe move. Hey! I know that song!

There was boy about 14 years old or so sitting in the pew in front of me. I noticed he was looking at something. I thought it was a cell phone at first but it was his watch. He'd taken off of his wrist and was goofing around with it. He saw that the flat crystal reflected a spot of light on the wall so he was playing with that. It was hard for me to ignore. He would move the spot around and trace the architecture of the sanctuary with it. Now and then he'd write words on the wall.

It was a very nice service


Diane said...

Happy Easter!

Looks like you had a nice one! :)

Can you remember any of the words the kid was writing on the wall?

Vixey said...

Did you know that in olden times, the back pews were reserved for sinners. Those who were not baptized were required to sit in the back. hmmm. ;0)

don said...

Diane, I think he was writing his name but there was a lot more than just that.. He wrote too fast.

Vixey, I didn't know they put the sinners in the back. No wonder I liked it back there! :) I was baptized but I'm not sure if they used enough water. I might have to go back in for another treatment.

Jules said...

Did you actually pay attention to any of the service, or was that ratta tap tap stuff just too distracting? As I read that, I developed a little melody in my head and it's stuck with me all day now. Thanks, Don!! ;OP

don said...

Dance to the music get down!

Boogie night!