Monday, May 18, 2009

Calm water

It wasn't the best weekend for photography but it was nice and calm on Flathead Lake for my canoe.

I know,.. I haven't been saying too much. I'm getting cynical about everything. I've been watching a lot of TV.

I've been watching a televanglist tonight. I won't name him but he has a wife and an announcer and he quotes scripture and turns it all into proof that the end time is near. He's been doing it for years and the end time never happens. We've been close a couple of times though. I thought for sure Clinton was the anti-christ...

See what happens when I stop watching the food channel..

Cheney has been on TV a lot lately. What if you had him as an uncle or something? You'd have to invite him over for dinner on Thanksgiving. He could help you cook. "Just put that turkey in boiling oil!"... he'd say....


Diane said...

That's a really nice photo. I like how mysterious the water looks.

You should start watching the food channel again. :)
Even if you have to watch Rachel Ray (I can't stand her voice for some reason. . .but her recipes are fun).

Hey! There's nothing wrong with deep fried turkey! Especially when it's injected with Cajun butter flavoring and it has a nice spice rub on it. . . Mmmm.

Cheney would probably not do either of those things though, and overfry it. Then you're stuck with dried out turkey carcass. :'(

don said...

The photo was right before night. There really wasn't enough light.

I like deep fried turkey too as long as it isn't done in canola oil. I don't like the taste of canola oil.

Sort of a torturous way to cook one though.

Jules said...

I think you should direct your attention at Outdoor Life Network (OLN). Do you get that channel there? I'm ositive you'd find some cool stuff on that one...

P.S. Is "enulator" a word? It was my word verification and it totally sounds like it should be a real word!

don said...

I'm pretty sure the enulator on my car is about ready to konk out..