Saturday, May 23, 2009

I keep looking back

I keep looking back and not forward. I used to think that the days lasted forever when I was a kid. My childhood days on the lake. Time moved so slowly. I just wanted to move forward. Now I'm starting to want to move back.


Diane said...

I keep looking forward. I wish I could just look at the present.

The days seem to be moving faster for me too. I remember when days used to feel like forever.

don said...

It's because one day is becoming a smaller and smaller fraction of your existance.

If you want a long day then just go to work.

Jules said...

I think a healthy mix of remembering the good old times and striving to create times that leave us just as satisfied is what's important. Our past is what's shaped us till now, our future is who we will eventually be. Try not to get too stuck in any one time frame!

don said...

I will eventually be an old redneck... Older redneck than I am now :)

I'm kidding. That's a very nice thought Jules. I'll try not to get stuck.