Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm such a redneck

So I'm walking down the haul at work today trying to look artistic, with art thoughts on my mind. Design projects and stuff like that, and I pass this 21 year old girl who works for us. She looks at me and says "you're such a redneck.." I'm like, "What?!.." Well I was eating a hotdog, but I fail to see how that qualifies me as a redneck... Earlier I was comparing my "farmer/ bicycle tan with her spray-on tan... Perhaps that was it.

But the fact is, she saw right through me. I wish I could see the world so clearly.. So I put up a redneck bicycle log header. I have all of these cattle pictures and I continue to take more, so I might as well use one. I could change the name of my blog to redneck log, bovine log or prehaps Cattle log... Hey! I like that :)

I could call my blog, outside of the barnyard, cattle log...


Well today was an interesting news cycle. Obama spoke to the torture issue and Cheney spoke to the "enhanced interrogation" issue. I don't know why Cheney can't just be honest and call it what it is.

You'd think since I'm such a redneck that I'd agree with Cheney, but I heard somewhere that there are three things a democracy needs to survive. A lack of corruption in government, a legal system that is fair and just, and a banking system people can trust. Now that we've gotten back on track, I can't understand for the life of me why Dick insists on smelling up the clean air.

I don't think we should need to find reasons to be against torture, but Obama made several points. The most important I think was that torture undermines the rule of law. Bush has been quiet on the issue as has McCain. Why is McCain so silent right now? It would be nice if he would step up and put Cheney in his place. It's no wonder he lost the election. McCain clearly didn't have what it takes to be a leader.


Jules said...

No, no... it was definitely the hot dog!


don said...

Do rednecks eat hotdogs? Well I guess they do if I eat them...

Heck ya!

Diane said...

Aw! I must be a redneck too then! I eat hot dogs!


don said...

You are, without question a redneck Diane! :) Well you're like me,..

George got back from Alaska and so I asked him about 45-70. Now go out with your dad and kill a Moose!