Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Stop eating animals

But that would take the fun out of cooking...

Well it's one thing for me to give up meat, but I recently heard on the news that some vegeterians insist that their cats be vegetarians too. That might be going too far.. I'm not going to force my rabbit to eat meat, but who knows, it might already be a carnivore. I put a carrot out for it and it didn't touch it. Perhaps rabbits don't eat carrots. That might just be a stereotype. Come to think of it, other than Bugs Bunny I've never actually seen a rabbit eat a carrot...

And on the subject of food,.. Today at work we celebrated Cinco de Mayo. We all brought in "mexican" food...It was like a bunch of atheists celebrating Christmas.

But there was one high point. One lady made some outstanding salsa.


Diane said...

"like a bunch of atheists celebrating Christmas" . . . you're funny Don!

The vegetarians who insist their cats be vegetarians too are whacked out on something.

I don't know about rabbits, but I used to have a hamster that would eat carrots. He'd stuff as much carrot in his mouth as he could before he'd break off a piece.

Maybe he didn't know the carrot was for him. Next time try lettuce or other greens. My cousin's rabbit likes dried cranberries too.

don said...

At work we really need to stick to food we understand.

The vet they had talking about cats said they would need a supplement if they didn't eat meat.

Jules said...

Oops you can delete that last comment. I'll go for it again.

Did that lady's salsa have corn in it and did you poop it out tonight?

Try feeding your rabbit lettuce or beet leaves, they really go for that!

There, that's better!! LOL

don said...

No it didnt' have corn in it.

Jules,. I sort of draw the line when it comes to my movements... :)