Monday, March 14, 2011

Bitterroot Valley picture

I took these pictures down the Bitterroot Valley in Montana a while back.

My uncles horse, or one they take care of.


Jules said...

Wow... did you notice how the line of the trees mimicks the line of the mountains in that first pic? That's splendid!

The horse looks content. Did you ever ride it?

Diane said...


don said...

Thanks, and yes Jules, I think that was why I took that picture, the tree line and the mountains trailed off into the distance together. I don't think anyone rides that old horse, I think they are just keeping it for somebody.

Thank you Diane. It was nice out IRL that night. I think you've been down that valley if I remember.

Quiet Paths said...

It really is a gorgeous valley. We don't get down there much. Great shots; a rare, clear day.

don said...

Thanks, it really is nice down there. I don't get down there much either except to see my kin.