Sunday, March 06, 2011

Montana Highway 382

Here's what Montana Highway 382 looked like today. It's not far from the road pictured below. I wonder how many times I've gone down this road?.. Quite a few.. It's a great road because the best thing about it is going down it. You go down it, the view changes and you leave. There's really no place to stop and stay for a while. I guess that's a good thing. If too many people stopped and stayed that would change it.


Jules said...

I guess that's why they made roads... so you could go down them. I love it when I find myself going down a road I've never been before. I guess that applies both in real life, and metaphorically!

I love all of the busy bits of this photo and all of the blues. It's a beautiful spot on earth!

don said...

It's a nice place to visit,. It's odd though,. I saw a local walking along the road not far from where I took this picture, and he sort of looked like a homeless person.. I know he must have lived there though.