Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring skiing

The ski searon is coming to an end, but it continues to snow. There's enough snow now and I just wish the sun would come out again. Here are a couple of pictures from Lookout Pass. I guess they had the most snow at any ski area in the world for a period of a week. Over six feet of new snow.

I raced, and I got third (out of three in my catagory..) but I was only out of second place by .5 second, so I didn't fee too bad about it and they gave me a medal.. My bronze medal looks exactly like my gold medal from last year.. (exactly..) So last year I got the gold (because the only other guy fell.) And this year I got the bronze (because there were only three of us)... Hmm...

Well it was a beautiful day to be skiing anyway, and I didn't get hurt.. that's always a bonus.


Jules said...

hmmm, yes always a bonus when you don't get hurt skiing ;P

You got those medals and you should be proud of them regardless of who or how many of you there were competing. You know why? Because you didn't fall and disqualify yourself.. you made the runs and you completed the course! So in my head, you totally deserved both gold last year and bronze this year. :) xo

don said...

Yes not getting hurt is a good thing.. :)

I gave the medals to my mom. I felt a little like a house cat bringing home a field mouse.. Well, she can be proud of them for me.