Thursday, March 24, 2011

Freak skiing injury

This was one of the last pictures I took before disaster struck.. I was down in this bowl taking pictures yesterday, did a step turn to get a different view, and my ski came off. I fell into the ski with my gloves off and it sliced my thumb open down to the bone with the sharp edge. Then I started to slide down into the bowl. I pushed my arm into the snow and came to a stop but realized I was cut pretty bad and my day was over.

I had a bunch of tissue in my coat pocket so I used that to stop the bleeding. I got my ski back on (no small feat when it's so steep and with the snow so soft). You couldn't stand up without skis on but I didn't get seperated from the ski so that helped.
Then I still had to ski out of the bowl. I put my wounded hand in my coat pocket and I made a traverse over to a groomed run falling once along the way. I skied down to the bottom of the backside where I cleaned the wound in a bathroom then I rode lift up, and skied to the front and to the ski patrol who dressed the wound proper. Then off I went to the doctor who had to sew it up inside and out. It didn't cut the tendon or joint so if it doesn't get infected I should be ok. They gave me a shot in the hip and put me on antibiotics.
I guess there won't be any skiing for me this weekend.


Jules said...

Screw it..


I hope your thumb heals quickly. I can't believe with all the racing you do, it was actually the camera that ended up being your ticket to injury. Looked like it was a really pretty day though, so I can see why you stopped to take pics. Get better soon, HB.

Diane said...

Get better soon!

don said...

Thanks you guys. I saw the doctor who repaired my thumb today and I guess it looks ok for now.

Lené Gary said...

Good healing thoughts headed your way.

don said...

Thanks, I get the stitches out today, 10 days after it happened. It seems to be pretty good now.