Sunday, October 23, 2011

Canned Ham

Since I got the Aristocrat, I've taken more of an interest vintage travel trailers. I always had one actually. They are so cool! I just want to live in one.. I want to hear the rain on the metal roof.. I want to play my telecaster and hear the natural reverb.. I want to wake up in the morning and smell the propane burning as I perk my coffee. I want to eat spam for breakfast in a canned ham!

And I want an aluminum Christmas tree too..


Jules said...

I'm all for the aluminum christmas tree, but darling.. I just can't be with you on the whole living in a trailer thing. Would you settle for having one as a fort in the back yard? You could still eat spam and listen to the rain pelt down on it... it could be transformed into your "man cave" (as they call it nowadays).

don said...

Heck yah. Put a trailer like this in the back yard and move into it, rent out the house!

Quiet Paths said...

Har, you two crack me up. Jules my husband tortures me with pointing out every converted school bus he sees. Like... no way.

Our Silver Queen had mice in it last weekend.... oh well.

don said...

My boss got mice in his motorhome, as did some of the guys I hunt with.