Friday, October 14, 2011

Travel trailer interior pictures

Here are interior pictures of the new/ old Aristocrat travel trailer. I took them when I first went to look at it so the owner had a bunch of stuff in it. The dinette is in the front with bunk above, and the kitchen in the rear with toilet room on the right. I wanted a dinette in the front or rear with windows all the way around because when you are inside it's a great view of the forest or whatever and it makes a great place to sit and sleep. That was a major priority for me.

There's a small toilet in the bathroom but no sink in there, and the toilet works so that's a bonus. There's a little water damage in the corners but it isn't leaking now and it's pretty minor. It's not enough for me to want to tear into it. The stove works as does the furnace. I haven't tried the fridge yet but I suspect it will work also. It runs on propane only.


Jules said...

I love the inside of it and I super love that there's a toilet. YAY!

don said...

Yes that's a total bonus! And I figured you'd like that.

Diane said...

Very nice! Can't wait to see what it looks like remodeled!

don said...

I confused you, I'm making a new counter top for my pickup camper not this travel trailer. It's turning out well so far.

I have two vintage RVs now..