Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hunting camp with the Aristocrat

Here's a picture of the Aristocrat travel trailer and the old Ford F250 up at hunting camp. It was a good first test of the trailer. It got down below freezing at night and I stayed warm thanks to my Hydroflame furnace which worked perfect. My friend helped me start the propane fridge and that also worked great. Those things if working are worth more than what I had to pay for this whole trailer. So everything works except the tail lights. I used some magnetic trailer lights for towing a vehicle and just stuck them to the bumper of the trailer for this trip. And below is a shot of my bunk. Since it was just me in the Aristocrat, there was no need to make down the table.


Jules said...

That truck and that trailer look great together, in my opinion. I love that you slept on that side. Looks cozy. It's so great that the trailer all works so well!

don said...

I forgot that my truck was actually vintage also... I got a nice compliment from a game warden on it when I went through the check station on my way home.. He said it was one of the best trucks ever built, and I said it's still running. But you're right they do look good together and that truck pulls it like it was nothing.

Quiet Paths said...

Very nice. So happy you found it.