Monday, October 10, 2011

Vintage Travel Trailer

Queenie and I took the 1968 Aristocrat travel trailer out for its first road trip over the weekend. We made a tour of a couple of the little lakes here in eastern Washington and had lunch in it along the shore of Hauser Lake in Idaho. We are going to have fun with this! I got a screaming deal on it too ($450) and it really doesn't need much work inside. The paneling and cabinets are nice, the upholstrey has been re-done and it has new curtains. It's not perfect, but It's very clean for how old it is and I found that they can be advertised as clean and be totally filthy. The wiring needs some work and it has one broken window but other than a few minor things it's good to go.

I've been wanting one of these trailers for years and have looked at quite a few. I looked at various brands, but I really wanted the same thing my parents used to own, and this is almost exactly the same except it has a different floor plan. Theirs was an Aristocrat Lo Liner, and this one doesn't have the Lo Liner logo on it but the shape is the same. I wanted something light vintage and small. I also bought the same vintage tow vehicle my parents use have, an old International Scout. It's also slightly different than the one they had but about as close as you can get. It's the same color and everything. They had a Scout 800A and this one is a Scout 800B. It has a tow package on it too. The Scout needs a little more work to take it on long road trips but should be fine for day trips or short overnighters.

It's funny how we become our parents.. In some ways anyway..


Jules said...

What a totally fantastic trailer that is! I love it, and yes it will be so much fun! I hope it's put to good use. I think if it was hooked up to the scout, it'd look really cool together.

I think that no matter how hard we try not to, there's always a bit of our parents in us that shows through as we age. And that's not always a bad thing. I'm seeing more and more similarities between my mother and I. But there are some things that I will never be like her.

don said...

When I hook it up to the Scout for the first time it will be a real flashback for sure!

Quiet Paths said...

That is so cool. Congratulations! This time last year Matt and I found our Silver Queen 1964. Must be something about Fall. Lookin' good and have fun! Is it a 16 foot?

don said...

We are very happy with it and it passed queenie's clean test. I remember you also had a "tin can". They are so much fun!

It's registered as a 16' but doing some research on it I suspect it is actually a 15' foot Aristocrat Mainliner. Very similar in shape to the popular Lo Liner, but with a different floor layout.

Quiet Paths said...

That is too sweet. Yes, we ladies have mandatory clean tests... pics of the inside to come? How does it tow?

We ended up drastically altering the inside of our SQ. However we left the stove and icebox where they were.

don said...

I'll post a couple of pics of the inside. It tows great so far.. :)

I remember you had a Scamp and and then went for the vintage trailer. Was there something about the Scamp you didn't like? Maybe I'm thinking of someone else?