Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Brian Schweitzer at the Democratic Convention

Governor of Montana Brian Schweitzer rocked the Democratic National Convention tonight right before Hillary Clinton came on, but he was snubbed by the networks and even to some degree PBS. PBS ran an interview with Michelle Obama and then tape delayed the speech of Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, and that ran over Schweitzer's speech. But the networks just talked over Schweitzer, and I think it did the convention a great disservice, as it was the most energetic thing the convention had seen until Hillary actually came out.

During Schweitzer's performance everyone was really getting into it. Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama, and Joe Biden were all really excited as was the whole crowd. Say what you want about Brian Schweitzer, but he gets people's attention if not the media's attention. The media was complaining how lack luster the convention had been and then when it gets exciting they don't pay attention, and this right at the buildup to Hillary's speech! The television coverage was a shame in this respect. It irks me because the media blew off the guy from Montana, as if to say Montana doesn't matter. Obama must have had a reason for having Schweitzer be the lead-in man for Hillary and the media was lost to it. It really sucked.

Well Obama was in Billings Montana if I remember, on his way to the convention, so Montana must matter to him. Both Clintons, Hillary and Bill, and the Obamas have campainged in Montana, and as Montana radio station KOFI reported over the weekend, McCain hasn't been to Montana once during this campaign and I doubt he will go there. Who knows, he probably owns a home there and just doesn't remember to go there.

Hillary didn't disappoint tonight however. She did what she could to unite the party albeit kind of late, but it was a great performance as political speeches go.


Diane said...

That's too bad Schweitzer got glossed over.

Obama has really been campaigning hard in Montana.

don said...

I found a video of his speech on the Huffington Post. It wasn't that great but it was more exciting than anything else that night, except for Hillary.

Tonight should be pretty interesting when Obama accepts the nomination.

Curt said...

I saw Schweitzer's speech almost in its entirety on PBS. It was exciting. He was exciting. It's hard to believe he has had no political experience until his election.

Just a poor Montana rancher who thought he could make a difference. I think he is making a difference.

After his speech, he was asked how he thought he did. He kind of poo-poo-ed it, saying; "If you look at the list, you can see that anyone who's ever shot a gopher's got a speaking engagement here."

That's a Montana boy.

don said...

I haven't been following his career as gov as much as I would if I were in Montana all of the time.

I think Montana has term limits on Governor. If I remember that is two terms? So Schweitzer might be about done?