Friday, August 01, 2008

Dead Man's Point

"What's the name of that point?" my friend asked. I looked across the bay and looked at it for a moment. Then I looked back at him. "Dead Man's Point." I responded with a smirk on my face. "Yeah right." he said. "No really. What is it?" "Dead Man's Point, I'm serious,.." I repeated.

"What's the name of that point then?" looking at another point to the west down the shore. "Well, that's Dead Man's Point too." I said with another smirk.

I remembered a conversation I'd had with my Dad on the same subject, and I could see the smirk on his face in my mind's eye. We got to calling just about every point Dead Man's Point and it became sort of a joke between us. But the first point really was known as Dead Man's Point.

I was talking about Dead Man's Point with Mrs. C. one day and she told me a story. Many years ago when Uncle B. died, Aunt D. went out on a boat and scattered his ashes in the water off of Dead Man's Point, where he liked to fish. (But that's not how it got the name. It was known as Dead Man's Point long before that.) That's ironic I thought. Mrs. C. went on to say that a different Aunt, Aunt M. had a problem with it being called Dead Man's Point since Uncle B's ashes were out there, so she started to call it Resurrection Point, but that name didn't stick.

Here's a picture of Dead Man's and then later, Resurrection Point on Flathead Lake. It's kind of hard to see but it's Dead center in the picture. (click on it to see bigger)


Diane said...

The sky and clouds overhead really make that photo.

don said...

I took 132 pictures in this set trying to get what I wanted. The sky and clouds looked pretty good in all of them and I was exposing for them as that's what I found interesting too. What set this picture apart in the set was the water. The sun would go behind a cloud and the water would be dark. Then when it came back out I could see the reflection traveling across the water at me. I took this one right when the reflection reached the boat. Plus it was really rough and I happened to get the horizon level. So I worked pretty hard for this shot. :)

It was hot but windy. I wanted to cool off. So I threw a line off of the stern and let it trail out behind the boat. Then I dove in the water. I used the line to get back to the boat so it wouldn't get away from me in all of that wind. I was way out in the middle of the bay and wasn't sure if I could swim fast enough to get back to the boat.