Friday, August 22, 2008

Flathead photo

I went for a boat ride tonight but didn't fish. While goofing around by the shed I managed to stir up a hornet nest and got stung several times. I have some hornet spray and I'm going to get even in the morning when it's cold. Here's how Flathead Lake looked as the sun went down.

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Courtney said...

So beautiful!

don said...

It's a beautiful lake. :) I anchored my boat and swam to shore then back to my boat. The water is cold! Nice to hear from you.

Megan said...

Nice picture!

Diane said...

Really pretty!

Sorry to hear you got stung by hornets. That's no fun. :(

Hopefully you got your revenge!

don said...

Thanks Megan. Flathead Lake is calling you.

I got even Diane. I got up early when it was cold out and they weren't active. After I used up what hornet spray I had, I sprayed carburetor cleaner into their nest. I only had a little hornet spray.

They're dead...

I haven't figured out what good hornets are. Perhaps they pollinate plants or something. (?)