Friday, August 29, 2008

Love Shack

Maroon Five coming out of an old clock radio that someone's using as background fill in the office. Now it's Alanis Morissette. Soon it will be the Love Shack and after that Cheryl Crow. The same loop of worn out songs, hour after hour, day after day.

Love Shack baby Love Shack.

There were some really nice clouds in the sky, I noticed this morning as I rode by bike to work. But my camera was too far down in my pack to get it out. Plus I was kind of late for work as I turned back once to make sure I'd unplugged the coffee. My body was telling me that I haven't been on my bike enough, At least the air smelled fresh like the river and the mountains that I ride by. That is, until I got to work...

Love Shack baby Love Shack.

Someone used the bathroom where I change into my work clothes, and then they sprayed this stuff that is supposed to make the bathroom smell, like a "Mountain Meadow" I can't quite describe the scent, I suspect that they don't have mountains where the make this. It smells more like hornet spray and it would probably kill hornets as it almost killed me. Whatever they put in it stays in your lungs. I had to go back outside after I changed to clear this out of my lungs. It says on the back of the can;

FOR USE IN: Offices Restaurants Hotels Motels Schools Hospitals Nursing Homes Public Buildings.

and at the love... shack. Would someone please turn that radio off ?!...

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