Monday, September 01, 2008

Climate change

Two weeks ago it was 104 degrees in Spokane, thankfully I was in Seattle were it was only 94. Today in Montana it's only supposed to get up to 41 in Butte, and in Glacier and other parts of western Montana they are having a winter storm advisory. They say it will warm up later in the week but I'm thinking about winterizing my boat this morning. There's a search going on for a hiker in Glacier who's been missing for several weeks.

Here is a picture of Gustav from last night while it was still out in the gulf. I checked the same view of Katrina before it made landfall. Katrina looked much the same except it had a more clearly defined "eye" in the center. I wish those folks well. You can also see a great big clound haning over Montana.


Diane said...

Wow crazy! 41 in Butte, huh? That's a little cold for September I think.

I guess they're going to have a chilly winter. . . not to mention snow way before Halloween.

I remember when I lived in the dorms they did this trick-or-treat thing. Parents could take their kids up to the dorms and not have to trek them all across Butte to go trick-or-treating. And it was nice because the kids didn't have to go out in the snow. I still saw a lot of "winterized" Halloween costumes though.

don said...

When I was in highschool we had a track meet in Butte and it was so cold that nobody wanted to get out of the school bus. We just had our sweats on over our shorts. They finally made us get out. We stood around freezing for several hours with our hoods up. I didn't even want to take my sweats off to run.