Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kick the dog

It was one of those days when I wanted to come home and kick the dog. But,.. I don't have a dog...

I used to have a cat but it died. (not from me kicking it) I wouldn't have kicked it anyway as I always felt sorry for the cat. That was why I got it in the first place. I wouldn't kick a dog either BTW, it was just one of those days.

So I guess I'll just kick McCain and Palin around a little... They deserve it today anyway.

When I first heard that McCain was pulling out of this debate I thought, there he goes again... Pandering for votes and trying to get Obama to agree saying it was the patriotic thing to do. My gosh! I'd like to hear what the next world leader has say about all of this. I see no point in putting off the debate unless McCain is unprepared. That's something I'd do!... I don't want a leader who is unprepared.

I listened to Bush define the crisis to the nation last night... Judas Priest!... It was so pathetic.

Then there is Palin. Oh.. my.. gosh... Now I'm pretty sure I'd rather have Katie Couric as VP... I can see why they don't allow Palin to give interviews.

When asked today by Couric why she didn't get a passport until last year, her smug response was that her parents didn't buy her a passport and a backpack. She had to work two jobs until she got married and had children. Well many of the young people I know of who have been traveling abroad are teaching or volunteering. And I think they just might be some of our best representatives.

Then Palin defined who the good guys and the bad guys are in the middle east...In her world. (?) Curious choice of words. I'd leave that one alone but I think if you get to know people from different countries you don't have such simplistic viewpoints of who is good and who is bad.

Ok,. Now I've kicked the dogs.


megancase said...

Ooooh, I missed that "passport and backpack" comment, as I caught an edited version of the interview. She's super good at those jabs at the liberal elite, isn't she? The first time I went to Russia, I bought my own damn backpack, so there. While I don't look down on people who for economic or social or circumstantial reasons had to get married and start families right out of high school instead of taking the path of formal and self-education that I did, I thought the Republicans were all about taking personal responsibility for lifestyle choices. Of course not. They are hypocrites.

The real irony is that it is fine to be a spoiled East Coast trust fund kid as long as you move to a red state, adopt the local accent, and say completely stupid things, i.e. Bush, who has somehow persuaded the Joe Averages that he is their drinking buddy.

don said...

I actually mis-quoted her slightly, now that I've seen it twice. Palin said her parents didn't "get" her a passport and a backpack.

The implication was the same however.

Diane said...

Wow. Just wow.

don said...

The interview with the passport backpack quote is on the CBS website.