Saturday, September 20, 2008

Twin Lakes Idaho

I took the new canoe out for my first paddle in it. It was as nice as I'd imagined it would be. I went to Twin Lakes Idaho. They are two mountain lakes that are connected by a small channel. The boat launch is in the middle so you can go to Upper Twin or Lower Twin. Pretty cool. I made my way through the lilly pads and out onto Upper Twin Lake first.

I soon re-learned my paddling skills, so I could paddle on one side and keep the canoe going in the direction I wanted. The water was calm and I had the place to myself. The forest smelled good in the cool morning air. I went about half way up the lake exploring the shoreline of Upper Twin. Then I ventured down onto Lower Twin for a a while. It's a pretty nice place and only about 20 minutes away. A good way to spend a Saturday morning. I'll be going back there but I have some other lakes to explore first.

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