Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tour des Lacs photos

My helmet is off to those who rode in the Tour des Lacs today... If you rode today in the rain either you are from Seattle, or you take your cycling way too seriously! :) I'm just kidding,.. good for you if you rode today. I know that's what you want to hear...

This is a picture of a lady cyclist who had more courage than I did today. I took it throught the windshield of my van. (didn't want to get my camera wet) I took more pictures but I think this one tells the story. Man, she has to be cold! She doesn't even have leg warmers or booties on! I doubt it was even 60 degrees out. Hard to believe it was 90 degrees on Friday. Goodby cruel summer,.. forget about fall,.. Hello winter!

HERE are photos I took last year on the second day of Tour des Lacs.


Diane said...

Very cool photo! I like how the image is distorted by the wet glass.

don said...

Thanks, I need new wiper blades.