Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin goes down a dirt road

Well I just got done watching Sarah Palin give her acceptance speech. At first I was thinking, she's pretty cool. The speech could have been great and it was heading in that direction, but as it went on it became a little shallow. Instead of taking the high road, Sarah took a turn and went down the dirt road.

It was one thing for Giuliani mock Obama the way he did it, (he still reminds me of Bugs Bunny) but when Palin mocked Obama, it moved the speech and my impression of her from kind of cool to kind of tacky. I'm surprised she didn't criticize Madonna too. These "strong statements" as they have been called, just reminded me of office bickering. Well she might think she's a Pit Bull in lipstick, but I'm pretty sure I know a receptionist who could chew her up, spit her out, and then drop kick her just for an extra point... When Palin brought up Harry Reid it was clear to me that she was preaching to the Rush Limbaugh choir. If she wanted to win someone like me over, she won't do it that way.

There was that moment when they hauled someone out of the audience. I was glad to see that it wasn't one of the black people. I was getting kind of worried for their safety at times.


megancase said...

I don't really get why you thought Sarah Palin was cool in the first place. I mean, I know she's cute and she's got the rugged rural state thing going on and the guns, but it would seem that her politics have nothing in common with yours. Sigh. This is exactly what McCain gambled on when he chose her, and since the majority of Americans aren't into critical thinking, he might just win this gamble. The thought of this person a hearbeat away from the presidency terrifies me the way nothing in politics ever has before, more than the Bush/Cheney presidency even, and that's really saying something.

don said...

Megan, I guess what I meant when I said she was cool is that she had a good stage presence and she could have made a case for her party's platform, but instead it just came down to criticizm of the other side.

As someone who would like to think he is willing to consider all viewpoints, I watched and listened to what the republicans have had to say.

I didn't hear much about the economy, and nothing about health care. What I heard Palin say about taxes I thought was inaccurate.

I heard a lot about winning in Iraq and McCain being tortured in Vietnam, but not much about Afganistan.

I heard a lot about drilling for more oil in Alaska and offshore, but no assurance that the oil would stay here at home and lower gas prices. I think all more drilling would represent is more profit for the oil companies.

I heard criticizm of Obama and his public service and that didn't convince me that he and Biden aren't qualified to lead, it just made me question her judgement in doing so.

I think I've heard enough from McCain already so I'll probably skip tonights speech, but the Biden/ Palin debate will be interesting.

Curt said...

My wife calls her Scary Palin.

Anonymous said...

I'm a conservative liberal--yeah, it works for me--but I almost always vote to the left because it always seems kinder and gentler to the earth and its people. I do like Sarah's funny, teeny-bopper style, but believing that god actually is personally involved in this beautiful and tragic world is a sad commentary on the intelligence of our species. In this case, despite his shortcomings, I believe Barack Obama is the right man for a better America and a better world.

don said...

I'm thinking Obama must have a good understanding and respect for the constitution. That's why I'm voting for him.