Friday, September 05, 2008

Spokefest Spokane

I guess if I get up early enough tomorrow I'll do this SPOKEFEST ride. It's the first year for this ride and it's only 21 miles and that really isn't that far for one of these things. Usually the short rides for this sort of thing are 40 or 50 miles and the long rides are 100 miles or more. So I'll be curious so see if these people have found a niche in families and people who just don't think they can ride much farther. 21 miles is just so odd.

I wonder if the serious cyclists just blow it off? I bet the local club racers will show up and treat it like a 21 mile group time trial and try to do it in less than an hour. I think that would be kind of vulgar and of out of the spirit of this ride. not to mention somewhat dangerous on the trail section. We will see.

I plan to ride my single speed as it won't require the road racing bike. The single speed only has one gear, no shiters. There is one climb on it called "Dooms Day Hill" which is part of the BLOOMSDAY Marathon course. Not a great big deal on a bike, but might be kind of tough with only one gear I don't know. I've never been on it, but it can't be that bad.

While eating breakfast and filling out my entry form for the bike ride I realized it wasn't until Sunday...Since it was a beautiful morning I decided to go for a bike ride anyway. I rode the single speed 21 miles just to see how it would be. I averaged 15.2 mph and it took an one 1 hour 22 min. I wasn't trying to go fast but came back into a headwind. I realized that "Doomsday Hill won't be that easy at the end of that ride. So I'll just conserve the whole ride until then.

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