Sunday, September 07, 2008

SpokeFest photos

Here are some pictures from SpokeFest. It was the first year for this event and I thought it was a huge success.

It was only 21 miles but they had a shorter ride for the shorter riders. That butterfly is from EXPO 74, the first World's Fair with an environmetal theme. I think there used to be several these butterflies and they used to have fabric on the wings. They would fly and change direction in the wind. They saved this one.

Quite a few people were out to show their support and take a morning ride.

We all rode out of town together, and I really like doing that.

Talk about having a horn on your bike!

The route was beautiful. I was able to keep pace pretty well on my single speed but there were times I would have liked to have had a granny gear. "Doomsday Hill" was pretty tough with only one gear, but I made it to the top without stopping.

I don't know the name of this bluegrass band but these guys rocked! (or they grassed,..grazed?.) Whatever you call it, I'm not kidding, they were really really good! I had to just sit and listen for a while. Outstanding!

And to top things off, they gave me a police escort back into town :) Well done SpokeFest people!


Diane said...

Great photos! Looks like it was a fun ride!

Good job on making Doomsday Hill!

don said...

Thanks Diane! I was sucking air on that hill but made it up ok. The upside was that I passed everyone but only becuase I had only the one big gear. It was either go fast on the bike or get off and walk. Getting off and walking wasn't an option.