Friday, February 27, 2009

It's all good

This is what it looked like tonight when I went home after work. It was beautiful along the train tracks. Cold and clear. A little cold crescent moon up in the sky was flirting with a distant star.

It was one of those weeks when I just have to say, good gosh, I'm glad that week is over.. But then if I think about it, it's one less week of my life I have to live, and that sucks.. if I think about it.

The up-side is,..Well, it is after all still ski season, the sun will be out tomorrow (that sounds really corny) and I'll be up on the mountain skiing. Plus my skis have a fresh race tune done by Fred, and in Fred's words, when I left my skis at his shop this week without getting a claim ticket,. "It's all good."

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