Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Resi Stiegler is a hit

I've been getting an unusual amount of hits out of Europe on a blog post I wrote about RESI STIEGLER last year. It's kind of wierd and I'm tempted to bring down that post because of it. It might be because of the World Chapionships that are going on right now in France. Stiegler crashed out of a GS race last year in Lienz a year ago and goofed up her knee. Then she screwed it up again playing soccer or something. From what I understand she pre-ran the slalom in Garmisch last week so she must be on the mend.

Lindsey Vonn won that slalom in Germany BTW and I actually got to watch it as Universal Sports just came on my cable system and I just watched her win the Super G at worlds. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to be able to watch these races on TV now. It's actually better coverage than I used to get on the Outdoor Life Network. Sadly OLN morphed into the realm of cage fighting and reality shows. It had been good ski racing coverage and I got to see all of the racers both men and women. But now this Universal Sports Network coveraged has been as good if not way better. Makes me want to contribute to the US Ski Team once again.

You know, this stuff is really interesting to just watch. They don't have to dumb it down for a TV audience. Just show the sport and people will lean and understand it and get into it. That was what used to be so cool about Wide World of Sports. Their ability to race is what makes these people interesting, not a lengthy bio about them. If they couldn't race we wouldn't care about them, we'd just watch reality shows about people who couldn't do anything special, and that's getting really old if you ask me.


Diane said...

That's great that you found a new TV station that carries your sport! :)

Don't take the post down. Most of the hits to my blog are of a Dali painting I commented on in 2007 and a knock-off recipe I put together. It's OK to have a popular post! It means people are finding your blog from doing searches! :)

don said...

Without TV coverage intrest really drops and some have said that the sport would move farther and father into Eastern Europe.

So the Universal Sports coverage is a great thing for the US Ski team and for the sport in the states, as they show most of the racers. You can't really tell how good the winners are if you don't see the people in lower positions. Plus you get to see the young racers come up and advance and follow what's going on with them.

At first Universal sports was only in a few markets that didn't have much skiing. So this is a really good thing for people in the north west.