Thursday, February 19, 2009

Right America Feeling Wronged

I just watched the HBO documentary by Alexandra Pelosi, Right America Feeling Wronged. SYNOPSIS IS HERE What a trip.

The film showcases staunch republicans and McCain to his credit had to reel them in.

I took some notes of quotes from McCain supporters featured in the film. It's a little hard to take. It would be hard to believe if I didn't know myself that there's more than just a little truth in it.

I can't resist sharing a few quotes. There was no shortage of bad ones. "If you drink beer, if you go to titty bars for some reason you're a bad person."

(wait a minute,..I drink beer..)

And this about Obama; "I think he hates all people, I think he wants to destroy this earth." "Obama's never lived in real America, he's never seen it." "666 crossed my mind." "Oh my gosh this is him." (the anti Christ)

My gosh is right...McCain isn't the real loser in this election.


Anonymous said...

Funny, I associate titty bars with the kind of guys who vote Republican. But maybe it's because I'm a coastal elitist.

Diane said...

My dad will sometimes comment on how Obama is single-handedly ruining the nation.

There's a conservative at work who says things like that too. He made some biblical joke turning the "abomination of desolation" into the "Obamination of desolation".

Ugh. No wonder our Congress can't agree on anything.

don said...

I think titty bar is one word. Tittybar,.. and you say it really fast. The reason I know this is because we had a girl from down south working for us (down and over south, Florida I think) While she was home taking care of the kids one night, she found out that her husband was at the "tittybar" So she went and got the pickup and made him walk home.

I liked her style.

The film had various religious and morality references. Abortion and gay and lesbian were perhaps the main ones. Pelosi went to a church where the pastor just out and out told the congregation not to vote for Obama. If I remember it was a Baptist church. What I find odd about that is that Obama seems to be more active in church than McCain.