Saturday, February 21, 2009

My favorite pot

Tonight I broke one of my favorite pots that I use for cooking darn it!. A Visions one like THIS. It was a gift from an ex-girlfriend. She bought me a whole set of them. "These are really nice Don." I remember her saying. What did I know? Well they are really nice... You can cook on the stove top with them, oven and even microwave although this one was too big to go in my little microwave. I love them, but I didn't realize this one was $60 nice... I'll have to get another as I used this all of the time and,.. well,.. I'm set in my ways.. My cooking ways anyways.

And this reminds me of a story.

My friend's father was called up for Jury duty. He was being asked questions to see if they wanted to seat him. "What are some of your interests?" one of the attorneys asked. "Well I like to cook." "What's your favorite dish?" "Melmac" he responded.

Ba dump bump.

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Diane said...


I was really mad at myself when I broke a 5 Qt. Corningware casserole my mom gave to me. I was having kind of a bad day anyway and that was the last straw.

I'd like to get a Le Creuset one to replace it, because then I can bake no-knead bread properly and use it for everything I used the old Corningware dish for, but we'll see.

Good cookware is so expensive. :(