Sunday, May 02, 2010

Canoes and vacuum cleaners

I don't know how I lived so long without a canoe.. When I'm at Flathead Lake, I just want to be out on it. I can't really explain it. It's not like there are fish I want or seals or anything like that. Canoes are like bicycles for the water. Click on the picture to get the Don's eye view.
And on the subject of vacuum cleaners,.. How could she possibly think this is a good vacuum cleaner I thought as she complimented me on my wind tunnel. It's plastic.. She never worked in a motel I guess. I have one just like this she said, and I love it. Really,. I thought. I'm not a big fan of plastic vacuum cleaners, and this plastic vacuum cleaner is totally substandard. Well I didn't say it but that's what I was thinking while I let her borrow my wind tunnel. And yet I'm sure her place is much cleaner than my place is. There's little doubt about it.. Just because you have good taste in vacuum cleaners doesn't mean you have a clean place.
I guess it's like guitars. Just because you have a nice guitar, it doesn't make you a good guitar player... Vacuum cleaners are exactly the same. So I guess if you suck, then buy a cheap guitar.
I really just wanted to talk about vacuum cleaners but I needed a reason to throw in my canoe picture. So I made it Canoes and vacuum cleaners, but I probably should have made it Vacuum cleaners and canoes. Vacuum cleaners don't make the best pictures.. I've tried.


Diane said...

My vacuum cleaner is a pink Dyson. I can't say it's a great vacuum cleaner either.

don said...

The plastic one I have keeps shutting off. We took it in and the said there was nothing wrong with it but you can only use it so long before it over heats and turns off. Then you have to wait until it cools down.

I like metal vacuum cleaners. They last way longer.

Diane said...

Hmm. I wonder where I could find a metal vacuum cleaner. The Dyson is all plastic parts, but they all fit together very well. I should replace the HEPA filter though.

My parents gave me a nice mini "bullet" blender for Christmas that I've finally gotten around to using. Almost all of the parts are plastic, and the instruction manual even mentioned that the motor will shut down after a minute of continuous blending. What the hell kinda blender is that? :P

don said...

I've had plastic vacuum cleaners that I liked, actually. But I think this one is a lemon. It works long enough to do a room then you have to let it cool down.

The metal one that I have at home is a Royal. It's like a Kirby. I love it but that doesn't make me a clean person!

Jules said...

My vacuum is called a Tristar. It's a really great vacuum, metal.. canister. Cost an arm and a leg though. I really like it. And it pulled stuff out of my carpet that I had just vacuumed over with my cheaper plastic one.

Now, onto the glorious canoe photo.. OMG. Paradise!

don said...

Metal vacuums rule. In the right hands anyway... I'm sure you get the most out of it!