Sunday, May 23, 2010

Schwinn cruiser

Here's a picture of my Schwinn cruiser bike. I got it out of the woods and repaired it so I wouldn't exactly call it a beach cruiser, it's more of a timber cruiser.. It began life as a three speed probably in the 60s. The wheels didn't come on this bike but they were also in the woods. They are the old 26.5 size (or something like that), so I had to special order tires to fit them. Anyway they are different than modern 26 inch tires. I rebuilt the coaster brake which was stuck, and packed the hubs. I bought a new chain, new Schwinn pedals, and put a 70s road bike saddle on it. I can't deal with old cruiser saddles.

People say, "don, you should paint it." But I like the way it looks. Kind of has that relic look going on.. Well it's time to go for a ride on it.


Jules said...

I love it! :O) Hope your ride was fantastic!

Vixey said...

Wow! I love that bike. I am kinda torn as to whether you should paint it or not. On one hand it does have a rustic, antique sort of this going on but a new coat of shiny paint would sure look swell. :0)

don said...

Jules, my ride was better going ok but there's been a lot of improvement to bikes in the last 50 years.

Vixey, you sound like one of the paint it people. :)

Diane said...

I think you should leave the bike as-is! :)

One of these days I'll pick myself up a nice classy-looking beach cruiser.

don said...

Cruisers are ok as long as the road is flat and you don't have a lot of climbing to do.

I don't think this bike would look very good painted. It has a great big dent in the top tube that you can't see in the picture. I kind of like the fresh out of the junk pile look.