Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Commuter Dog

This bumper sticker reads, My money and my kid go to the University of Montana.. It seems that everyone and their dog are stuck in traffic these days.
I rode my bike to work today. I need to get used to it because of the traffic congestion. And actually it was nice. It's going to rain the rest of the week so I have to decide about that still. At lunch I rode the bike over to a sandwich shop drive through. Did you know that some fast food drive throughs won't allow bikes..? It's not the customer image they want I guess.
So I was going to ride down to the river and eat my lunch but I decided to go to the park instead. My mp3 player was locked up so I just sat there on a bench by a softball diamond and looked at a chain linked fence while I ate. I had a "Russian" sandwich, but I don't know why they call it that. It was pretty much just a turkey sandwich with some roast beef also.. Is that what they eat in Russia?
As I sat there a guy showed up on the field with a soccer ball. Great big field and one guy with a soccer ball. I was thinking, it's too bad he doesn't have anyone to kick the ball back and forth to. Then another guy showed up. Soon there were a whole bunch of guys, who came from all directions and they set up goals and started a game. I sat and watched from behind the chain linked fence, and for a while I kept score.
Finally I decided to move out from behind the chain linked fence to get a better view. So I sat with my back against a tree and watched the game. Each player had his own body language, but there was one guy who seemed to be a natural for the sport. A short guy who seemed to always be in the action and making goals. His movements were fluid and smooth as if he'd been playing soccer his whole life. (or football, call it what you will)
Finally I looked at my watch and got on my bike and rode back to work. Don't these guys have to work? I thought as I left.. Are there that many people who can just go to the park and play soccer in the afternoon? Perhaps they are all stay at home Dads and get babbysitters while they play..
I took pictures of the guys playing soccor but the Commuter Dog picture was better. I feel just like that retriever when I drive my car home from work these days.


Diane said...

That dog looks so thrilled! I bet he wishes he was in the park playing fetch or something.

It could be those guys were just taking a long lunch or whatever, and then they're going to work long hours the rest of the week. I know a guy who used to work for EA; he said the teams would go out and play volleyball during their lunch break. And management was OK with that. So maybe it's a corporate-sponsored thing.

Jules said...

It is strange that that many guys could get together in the afternoon on a Tuesday. Were they wearing team colors or anything? Just wondering if they were actual teams practicing or if it was just a bunch of random men.

I think it's great that you ate your lunch outside today. I love having meals outdoors, as long as it's not too windy or too buggy. We don't have drive thru sandwich shops here, that I know of. I like that idea. :O)

As for the doggy in the window.. poor thing. Looks pretty tight in there. If that's what you feel like driving these days, I'm 85% in favor of you biking (weather dependant).

don said...

Hm.. Could be Diane. There's lots of companies around that they could work for. And yes, in some of the pics I took fo that dog he had his face plastered to the window. It's a dog's life..

Half of the guys were wearing white T shirts and the other half were wearing brownish shirts Jules. I think they were sort of on teams.

I'm 92% in favor of cycling to work on good weather days, and I'm 23% in favor of cycling to work on bad weather days... :)