Sunday, May 09, 2010

Elmo Montana

Here's a picture I took of my morning canoe ride on Flathead Lake. I'd say canoe trip but it wasn't really a trip. I canoe along that shore next to those trees. Sometimes I'll beach the canoe and look around on the shore. I was the only person on the whole bay,.. the whole lake maybe. I don't really understand that. You'd think there'd be lots of people who'd want to be out on the lake when it's like this. On the other hand there's no shortage of people driving back and forth on the highway that goes around the lake..?

I really am outside of the bubble..


Diane said...

That looks so nice Don.

So much better than how I spent my weekend. :P

If people's destination was the lake they would be there! Otherwise it's some nice scenery to pass by on their way to wherever.

Jules said...

That's beautiful, Don! I love the contrasting greens and blues, and of course, I'm a sucker for reflections.. especially on glass lakes like this is here.

Maybe you are inside the bubble and everyone else is outside... seems like your world is the better place to be in rather than passing it by on the highway! :O)