Friday, May 28, 2010

Washington State Line Bridge

They are closing and tearing down the old "state line / Spokane River bridge" between Idaho and Washington. It's the old bridge over the Spokane River that people used to use to get into the state of Washington from Idaho and and places to the east. Now people come in from the west on I-90. The old bridge still served as a secondary way into Washington State and also a way across the the river for people like me who live in Washington but work on the other side of the river or just want to get on I-90. I've ridden over this bridge on my bike for several years.

I imagine all of the people who stopped here in the old days before the interstate came through to take a photo as they made the journey to Washington and the west. This used to mark the entrance to Washington State. There's a small place to park.

It says; "Spokane River Bridge Eastern Gateway to the State of Washington and the Spokane Valley" And on the other side of the road it says; "Spokane River Perpetuatiing the name of the Indian Tribe Spo-Kan-EE Children of the Sun".


Jules said...

Well, first of all.. what a pretty river scene. Second, what a major shame that they're tearing that down!! Why would they do that... don't they realize some people must still travel that route?

Sometimes "they" just don't make sense.

don said...

I should have also said that they are going to build a new bridge in its place, but that's going to take until the fall of 2011. The old bridge was worn out and unsafe actually.