Sunday, April 17, 2011

April showers

I went skiing on Saturday, which could have been my last day of the season and it was my 32nd day of alpine skiing for this season. I guess the pictures tell the story. I got soaked in the the morning but then I rode the gondola down to the parking lot and changed my jacket and then it cleared off so the afternoon was somewhat decent. Plus it didn't cost me anything because when I was standing in line to get my lift ticket this guy asked if I wanted a "free" lift ticket, and of course I did.. So bonus!
A picture from inside the gondola. Got to get every turn in I can at this point..


Jules said...

It's awesome that you got in another ski day, but shitty that you got soaked. Still... the winner is the free lift ticket. I think that would make it worthwhile no matter what. :)

don said...

I would have skied anyway but that was for sure a bonus.