Thursday, April 07, 2011

Bike to Work Spokane

outside of the bubble has been listed on the Bike to Work Spokane website. I suspect Bike to Work Barb is behind this.. :) but I'm guessing. That's cool as I do try and bike to work at least some of the time and with gas prices going up every morning it is going to make a lot of sense for me. Now if they'd ever finish the bridge I usually use to cross the river I'd have a pretty safe commute, and about half of my commute would be on a bike path.
Well there's always some reason not to ride a bike to work. But there seems to be more and more reasons to try and make it work. (picture of me last summer on one of my old bikes)


Jules said...

Isn't it cool to happen upon a blog and discover that you've been listed on their sidebar for God only knows how long? I've made the same discovery a couple of times lately, yet I have to wonder why those people don't just say hi when they lurk. They obviously find the blog interesting enough to keep coming back.

Anyway, I've always loved that photo of you, thanks for reposting it!

don said...

Yes I'm glad to be listed at Bike to Work Spokane. Anything to help change the culture here.

It's the only pic I had of me actually riding a bike.. :)

Diane said...

Sweet! :D

don said...

I really do miss Missoula in many ways. In Missoula a lot of people really do use the bike as their primary means of transportation. Here people tend to take their bikes to the bike path with their SUVs. Missoula is far more liberal.

Having said that, this is actually a better place to ride a road bike. Way more nice rides here.

BiketoWork Barb said...

So are you riding to work this week? :D

@SpokaneBikes (formerly Bike to Work Spokane)

don said...

I didn't register, but I do intend on cycling to work at least a day or two this week.

I usually cycle to work a couple of days a week in the warm months until October or so and my bike ride to and from work is often the best part of my day.